We invite all interested investors who meet criteria to apply for membership at FIC

The guidelines contain step-by-step guide to help applicants complete the form and successfully apply for the FIC membership. Quantitative and qualitative information on your overall investments in Uzbekistan, your activities and contact details would be helpful in processing applications.

Completed applications and supporting documents must be scanned and sent (in PDF format) to the attention of:

Mr. Golib Kholjigitov

Head of the Secretariat of the Foreign Investors Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

by email: apply@fics.uz and g.usmonova@fics.uz

For inquiries: +998 77 0707711

The FIC Executive Committee is requested to be guided by the principle of wide representation so that each strategic industry and country of origin of investments are represented by one or more members. FIC members to be guided by the interests of the entire industry and a wider community of investors.

Applications will be reviewed by the FIC Executive Committee. Based on the submitted applications, the FIC Executive Committee chooses initial pool of candidates (preliminary list) for subsequent submission for the approval of the Chairman of the Council.

The final composition of the Council is approved by the Chairman of the Council based on the proposals of the FIC Executive Committee.