Areas of focus:

  • Enhancing effective and transparent privatization
  • Expanding PPP
  • Fostering business competitiveness and expansion
  • Developing corporate governance
  • Implementation of investment commitments

Following areas are proposed (but not limited to) for discussing in this WG:

  • Ensuring the stability of regulatory environment for the period of 7-10 years, especially in:
    - regulations related to traceability of the products, supply chain
    - customs regulations related to import duties
    - regulations within frames of environment protection
    - technical regulations
    - any changes related to consumer protection and advertising activities
  • Further facilitation of free competition
  • Implementation of international best practices in corporate governance
  • Creation of level playing fields
  • Introducing PPP principles in modernization of irrigation system
  • Raising awareness of general public on sustainable consumption
  • Strengthening capacity of PPP professionals

Working group members: