EUROUZ organised a coordination call with the Foreign Investors Council (FIC)

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan, February 8, 2024 – The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is set to convene its next plenary session on May 2nd,  2024. In preparation for this event, the Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation (EUROUZ) is working to coordinate and support the European companies to present their proposals, recommendations and issues and has organized a first call with the FIC Secretariat for EUROUZ members to commence the preparation process.

The FIC has undertaken extensive efforts to support investors in Uzbekistan & this work has been led by the FIC Secretariat throughout the year through several working groups with the FIC members. Through thorough analysis of the investment climate and input from current investors, the FIC Secretariat has compiled an Investor Handbook on different topics to provide insights for potential investors interested in Uzbekistan (

The coordination call aimed to foster further understanding, feedback and agenda for the upcoming event in May. Representatives of various sectors and industries attended the meeting. During the meeting, the FIC Secretariat identified the discussion subjects that it expects to be covered during the Plenary, which include Tax and Tax Administration, Privatization and PPP, Digitalization and ICT, Finance and Banking, and Green Economy.

The coordination call between EUROUZ and the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), with the participation of representatives of business, intends to provide a common platform for European companies to exchange insights and coordinate their plans in preparation for the upcoming plenary session, which will serve as the preparatory step for the companies to contribute to the formulation of the agenda. The European companies will now be invited to submit their feedback, proposals & issues that they would like to be addressed for the upcoming event in May via EUROUZ, which will then be submitted to the FIC Secretariat and the relevant government institutions of Uzbekistan ahead of the plenary meeting.

EUROUZ, the Europe – Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation, is an international businesses association & a European Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan, working to provide comprehensive support to its members to understand their target market, build more robust business networks & enable a better dialogue with both public & private stakeholders. EUROUZ is a recognised European non-profit, non-commercial association with headquarters in Brussels & a full official branch office in Tashkent.


The Foreign Investors Council under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is an advisory body under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the Council is the further development of a favorable, non-discriminatory, transparent and constructive business environment in Uzbekistan, which helps to attract investment, primarily foreign, through an open and constructive dialogue between government bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and representatives of international financial institutions, foreign companies, banks, investment and other structures operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan.